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Dr. Karyn M. Phillips has the experience that it takes to properly care for you during this important time. She's been helping patients just like for more than 20 years. Let her help you next! Call us today to make your appointment.

Chiropractic care can help you

Gain some relief from the aches, pains, and illnesses of pregnancy. A good spinal adjustment can make you feel great again.


Spinal adjustments are important! When done properly, a spinal adjustment can do more than just make you more comfortable. Our care can give your spine additional flexibility, making you more likely to avoid painful and stressful spinal problems further down the line. Spinal adjustments can even lead to reduced pain during your baby's delivery!

There are other options for combatting the aches and pains of pregnancy, but chiropractic care has the advantage of avoiding unnatural and unnecessary medication and painkillers.


Our methods are completely safe for your unborn child. We offer a natural, drug-free alternative with no negative side-effects.

We're likely to accept your insurance policy. Call us and ask us about your coverage.

Your spine is used to keeping your body upright and in alignment. It's not necessarily used to having an extra passenger on board! That's where we can help.

Put your baby first

Trust the professionals with the most experience

We understand that pregnancy is a busy time. Speak with us today about our convenient flexible scheduling!


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