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You won't mind working with our team, because we give you friendly and compassionate care. That makes visits to our office more family-friendly and stress-free! Bring yourself or a loved one in today.

We care for everyone from infants to senior citizens.

Let's find the source of the problem

Why don't you come in for a chiropractic appointment with us? The examination process is a lot simpler than you might think.


Dr. Karyn M. Phillips brings a skilled touch and years of experience to the table with every patient. Trust her to give you a quick but thorough examination. We'll check by hand and with x-rays to pinpoint any problems with your back, and you'll be on your way before you know it. Scheduling is simple, too, because we offer flexible options.

Chiropractic care is easier on your body than many other forms of medicine, because our methods don't rely on painkillers, medication, and other unnatural and unnecessary drugs.


We don't mask the issues that cause your headaches. Instead, we unearth them! That allows up the address the problem at its source, giving you a lasting solution.

Don't delay important care. Turn to us for back pain, headaches, and other symptoms.

You already know that your spinal problem can be a real headache. Did you know that it could also be causing them? It's true! That's why chiropractic care could be your path away from chronic headaches.

Steer clear of unnecessary medicine

Enjoy compassionate care

Trust the chiropractor with more than 20 years of experience. We're happy to accept most insurance policies.


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