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Don't let just anyone give you important medical treatment. Choose the doctor that's been serving the New Hyde Park area for more than 20 years! Dr. Karyn M. Phillips has the experience and training that it takes to make a lasting difference for you.

Trust the proven method

Studies prove that chiropractic methods work against lower back pain! In addition to making you feel better, our work can actually speed up your recovery. Speak to us today about combining chiropractic care with physical therapy and other methods.


Chiropractors are your best bet against lower back pain, because we have techniques and treatments that are specifically designed to address vertebral subluxation complex. By targeting the source of the problem, Dr. Karyn M. Phillips can give you lasting relief.

You might not!


In fact, for many patients, surgery is not a good idea. Some of these treatments do little to ease the pain that you're feeling, and many of them fail to address the source of the problem. Of course, it's important to visit us and discuss your options before making a decision.

You can find time for your appointment! We offer flexible scheduling options to make

things easy.

The vertebral subluxation complex that often causes lower back pain can cause a long list of other conditions, including headaches and sciatica. Stay one step ahead by calling us.

Do I need surgery?

Rely on the team with the most experience

With us, payment is simple. Ask about all of your options. We accept policies from most insurance providers!


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