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Fight vertebral subluxations

Treating arthritis directly through chiropractic care isn't possible, but that doesn't mean that Dr. Karyn M. Phillips and her staff can't make a huge difference for you! By targeting the vertebral subluxations that are associated with the symptoms of arthritis, we can reduce the pain you feel every day.


Treating vertebral subluxations is a good idea for more than one reason. Vertebral subluxations can actually negatively affect your immune system, leaving you at risk of illness. Give us a call today to learn more about your options.

Unfortunately, there is currently no known cure for arthritis. Some patients experience a sudden disappearance of their symptoms, but it's not clear why.


There is, however, an effective way to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. The way to do that is to visit a qualified chiropractor like Dr. Karyn M. Phillips! Speak with our experts today.

Our office accepts most insurance policies and payment options. Call for more details.

Arthritis and its symptoms, often called rheumatism, are nasty. They can leave you with constant pain in your joints and hands. Put our team in your corner, and fight for your health!

Can I cure my arthritis?

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